We are HAPPY that you are here!

“Young, passionate, dedicated, optimistic” …      these words define our team at Picreo!

Young … We are young and full of new ideas

Passionate … We are passionate about what we do

Dedicated … We are dedicated to give you your best photo publishing experience

Optimistic … We are optimistic that you will simply love what we do for you!

At Picreo, we offer you a platform to fuel your creativity, a platform for you to store your precious photos, a platform for you to recapture your precious moments into keepsake-quality printed photo products, and a platform for you to share your precious memories with friends and family.

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Picreo offers a wide range of beautiful print products such as handcrafted Photobooks, Calendars and Post Card Packs. Our items make perfect gifts for any occasion as you can customize the theme and design based on your liking. Create gifts of keepsakes that come from the heart.


Photobooks are the heart and soul of Picreo. Display your captured memories by beautifully displaying them in between the pages of your very own photobook. You can choose from a wide variety of synthetic leather, cloth and paper materials as a cover. You can also select a design based on the theme of your photos such as Birthdays, Weddings, and Holiday albums! Create a Photobook as a gift for a loved one or for yourself today!


Our Calendars are perfect for displaying your beautiful pictures and the months of the year in pretty and minimalistic way. Made with thick cards and rested on a wooden stand they are the perfect combination of practicality and beauty.


Photoprints are similiar to old style photos cards which had to be developed using films at a shop in the past. But with Picreo it's more convenient now as you can crop and edit photos online for your Photoprints, from the convenience of your own home.


Make you very own postcard packs which is personally designed by you to keep in touch with your friends from around the world. Put up your holiday photos or give them a blast of nostalgia by including your photos with them from the good old days. Include a message from the heart to add more value to the postcards.


Looking for a card but too lazy to choose one from vast amount of confusing options in the gift shop? Make one with us without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. The choice is all yours from the design of the card to the message. It's easy with our convenient editor! Give it a try today!