Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How and Where do I start?

A.: Browse through our storefront at, select from photo books, calendars and other products as well as your desired options and features, and you will be directed to our powerful online design tool (editor). Through our editor, you can select and upload your photos and design your perfect product to yoru liking. Have fun!

Q:What device can I use to create a product?

A.: You can create your personalized photo product through our online design tool on virtually any device be it a PC or Mac desktop or laptop, or an Android or Apple IOS tablet. All you need is a browser and access to our site at

Q:What is the best browser to use with your editor?

A.: We recommend using Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.

Q:What type of print technology do you use?

A. Your products are “press printed”. We use the best photo-quality printing press in the market to print your personalized product.

Q:Do I have to register?

A.: You are required to register to upload images to anything other than your lightbox and or to save products to come back and edit later. You can register in the wizard during the gallery creation process.

Q:How do I make a book?

A.: Click on start my book and follow the easy onscreen instructions to start choosing the images you would like in your book, formats and start designing your book.
Once you are happy with the design click on order and your product is added to a shopping cart. Once payment is made your product (s) will be fulfilled and sent to your shipping address within 10 working days.
All items in the shopping cart may be clicked on and edited later, so no need to worry about losing your design or changing your mind. As long as you log in and access your shopping cart (simply click Cart on the upper menu on any page once logged in) you can always modify a design before final order.

Q:How do I access my photos to create a new photo book?

A.: You can select and upload your photos from your computer, facebook, Instagram accounts, or even Dropbox.

Q:How do I add or choose images for my books?/span>

A.: You can either upload you own images or use images already on the site. To upload your own it is recommended you create a gallery, this way you can share images with others and keep them for longer. To choose images just add them to your lightbox.
All images you want to use in your products must be added to your lightbox, your lightbox is a selection of your favorite photos for use in your photoproducts.

Q:Is there a maximum image size?

A.: The current size limit for images is 5mb's. This is more than sufficient to create all our products in their highest quality.

Q:How many images can I upload?

A.: The upload system limits you to uploading no more than 50 images at a time. Though there are no limits to how many images you can have in your account or how many galleries you may have.

Q:How do I add more pages in or remove pages from my photo book?

A.: In the bottom of the editor screen and towards the right side of the screen, you will see two buttons: “add” and “remove”. When you press “add”, new pages are added to your photo book. To remove a page, just select the page that you like to remove and click on “remove”. If a page is filled with image and you would like to "remove" the page, you will have to click on "reorder" and arrange the page to the last page before removing it. Please note that depending on the type of the photo book you select, pages will be added or removed in different increments.

Q:How do I reorder pages in my photo book?

A.: You can move pages around and change their order as they appear in your photo book. Simply click the “reorder” button in the bottom right of the editor screen. A dialogue box will appear allowing you to select a page and move it to a different location within the photo book.

Q:How do I add an image or text field on a page in my photo book?

A.: In the left side of the editor, you will find buttons to “add image” or “add text”. By clicking these buttons, the desired addition will appear in the middle of the working page in the editor. Click on the plus sign to select an image or type in the text field. You may grab the handle that appears in the bottom-right of the image or text box and change it to your desired size.

Q:Can I put an image across two pages?

A.: Yes, absolutely. If the image box is not locked, you will be able to simply click on it and drag it to a location where the image runs across the two adjacent pages. You should also be able to grab the bottom-right handle of the image box and resize it across two pages.

Q:Can I edit a photo?

A.: Yes, it is possible to edit your photo (image) by rotating it, changing its opacity, cropping it, and adding effects like sepia, grayscale, sharpen, blur or flip. You can also change the order of images in layers on top of each other or add border to an image. Please go to the Inspector panel in the right side of the editor screen for these features.

Q:How do I make a calendar?

A.: Go to Calendar category, click into it. You can drag images into the pre-set templates. We have several templates design which you could choose at page layout. Simply drag the layout design to the desired page and you will get your personalised calendar as you wish!!

Q:Can I customised my own calendar?

A.: Our templates are set for Malaysia Public Holiday. However, we do customised to other countries Public Holiday with an additional fees. Kindly email us at for more details.

Q:How to make a card?

A.: Go to our Card category, choose the type which you want and start making your own cards.

Q:Can I customised my own cards?

A.: Yes, of course. We do customised cards such as invitation card for wedding, baby shower, full moon, birthday party etc...Kindly email us at for more details.

Q:How do I make a poster?

A.: Our posters are under "Print" category. Simply choose either Landscape or Portrait for your posters. Our posters are in A3 sizes. If you have an image of Portraits and Landscape mixed, use the function of 'Image rotate' to turn your images. Simple and easy.

Q:How do I make prints?

A.: Same as posters. Simply choose either Landscape or Portrait for your prints. If you have an image of Portraits and Landscape mixed, use the function of 'Image rotate' to turn your images. Simple and easy.

Q:Why is it taking time to upload?

A.: The upload time for your images varies greatly and is most dependent on your Internet Service Providers (ISP) upload speeds. Remember many ISP's have a much slower upload speed than download speed. Our image servers support uploads up to 100/mb/sec which in most cases is more than 500 times the speed of an internet connection to guarantee the fastest uploads to all users.
Typically it can take +/- 1min per 1mb of upload on slower lines.

Q:Uploading tips:

A.: Try and avoid uploading large images over 5mb as these are unessessary unless you are making large format prints. * Maximum size is 5.5mb. Minimize the browser window and work on something else while files are uploading. * Organize your images into galleries or folders before upload, this will help save time searching for image online after. * If the upload stops due to an intermittent internet connection, take note of what image was uploading in the dialog box, click X (cancel) and restart the upload process from that image.

Q:Can I save a design and come back later?

A.: Yes, once logged in you will see a link in the right hand menu “Continue Last Design” this will open the last design you were working on.
All images in your lightbox and galleries are also kept but you must be logged in to have access to them.

Q:I'm not a computer person and I hate design, How do I make a photobook?

A.: Don't worry. We do provide design service for those are busy or lazy. Just email us at for more details. =)

Q:Is there any gift vouchers available?

A.: Of course we have!! You can customised the Gift vouchers value or even the package to suit your gifts to friends or families. Email us at for more details. ^^

Q:What is the ordering process?

A. When you are done with your project, go to the shopping cart and pay for it. You will receive a confirmation via email. That is the indication that we have received your order and we have started producing your product.

Q:Payment method?

A.: Our payment method includes Online banking [Maybank , CIMB, HSBC etc]. Credit card payment only via Paypal.

Q:Having Payment issues?

A.: When making payment, make sure that internet is stable and do not refresh or cancel or press back during payment processing. Any more issues faced, kindly email us at with title "Payment Issues".

Q:Promotion Code?

A.: Kindly enter the promotion code under checkout cart, promotion code tab for discount redeemed.

Q:How fast can I receive my products?

A.: This depends on your selection for shipping. With standard shipping, it will takes within 7 days excluding weekends and Public Holidays.

Q:Email confirmation?

A.: There will be email confirmation sent out to the registered email. Payment unsuccessful - Email sent out to indicate Order Number with unsuccessful payment. Please go back to My Account -> My project -> Reselect the Project to Purchase and make new payment. Payment succesful - Email sent out with Order Number. Tracking No - Email sent out with Tracking No once products shipped out.

Q:Is it alright if the page linked back to Homepage after payment made?

A.: Yes. You will be linked back to the Homepage after successful payment made. Wait about 5 to 10 minutes for the email confirmation.

Q:I forgot my password?

A.: Don't worry about that. Just email us at and we will reset your password for you.

Q:How do I know if my photos will be printed correctly??

A.: Your photos will be printed according to the resolution of the photos you provide. If the resolution of a photo is too low, the editor will warn you by adding a warning sign on the photo as it appears in the editor. By resizing that photo to a smaller size or replacing it with a higher resolution photo, you will be able to avoid any issues. You may also ignore the low resolution sign and that photo will be printed as is.

Q:How can I order additional copies after I receive my photo book?

A. It happens quite often: you receive your product at home and someone close to you wishes to have his or her own copy of it, or you decide to have additional copies as gifts to mom, dad or a sibling. In any case, you need to order additional copies of that exact same product. That is not a problem at all. You do not have to recreate the product. Simply call us, email us or go back into your account and order more copies.

Q:Can I share images?

A.: Yes, you can share images with friends in a safe private environment by inviting people via email to view them. Simply choose the share with a friend option in any of your galleries and follow the onscreen instructions. The invitee will be required to click on an email link, enter their email address and choose a password. They will then be able to view your galleries.
If the invitee is already registered on the site, they merely have to use their existing login and password once invited to gain access.

Q:Can invitees share my images with others?

A.: No only the creator of the gallery has the right to share them.

Q:Where can I view my account as well as my orders?

A.: At the home page, top part, there are tab "MY RESOURCES". Click on it and select "MY ACCOUNT", it will linked to your registered account.

Q:What does 'MY PROJECT' means under "MY ACCOUNT" tab?

A.: View your list of half completed Photobooks, cards or other items which wish to continue working on. Also includes projects which you have completed in the past and wish to retrieve.

Q:What does 'MY GALLERY' means under "MY ACCOUNT" tab?

A.: Access your library of photos which you have uploaded into Picreo. You can retrieve and apply them to future projects.

Q:What does 'ORDER HISTORY' means under "MY ACCOUNT" tab?

A.: View your orders and transactions which you have made with Picreo.

Q:What does 'MY CART' means under "MY ACCOUNT" tab?

A.: View ordered items in your cart which is awaiting check-out. You can proceed with your orders or remove certain items if you change your mind.

Q:What does 'CHANGE INFO' means under "MY ACCOUNT" tab?

A.: Change your account info such as your login password and delivery address.

Q:What does 'LOGOUT' means under "MY ACCOUNT" tab?

A.: Logout of your account whenever you are done browsing or editing your projects.