How Does It Work

Making your perfect photo product is fast and easy with Picreo’s online design tool. Here is how it works:

Step 1 : Select a photo product

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Browse through our online storefront and select your desired photo product and options. The system will take you through the process step by step. For example, to create a photobook simply click on “photobooks”. The next step is to choose the product style.

Step 2 : Select your book size and cover style

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After choosing your product, you will be asked to choose the product orientation, size and cover style. You may do so by clicking on the buttons highlighted in the images above.

Step 3 : Upload your photos

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To upload your photos, first click on the image tab at the bottom of the editor. Select "my computer" to get photos from your desktop. Once done click on the "camera" icon and you will be able to choose your desired photos from whichever folders in your computer.

Step 4 : Arrange your photos in the album

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To arrange photos, click and drag your uploaded photos to the photo boxes which are displayed in grey. To change the photo template click on the "page layouts" tab. Click and drag the "page layout" to whichever page you desire

Step 5 : Choosing backgrounds

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To put backgrounds in your album, simply click on the "backgrounds" tab at the bottom of the editor. Click and drag your desired background to the pages which you want to apply it to.

Step 6 : Finishing up

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Once you are satisfied with the design of your album, click on the "order" button at the bottom right of our editor. There you will be led to the checkout page. Kindly click on the additional options button to choose your desired cover material and accessories.

Now relax because you are done! Our team will take over, produce your product just as you created it and ship it to your door. Enjoy!

Please note that if you need additional copies, all you need to do is to let us know. You do not need to recreate your product.