Why Photobooks? Why Picreo?

    Photobooks are basically the substitutes to oldschool photo albums containing those precious photographs developed from films. With digital photography taking over completely, there is no need for printing out physical photographs anymore. All our photographs can be viewed on our computer/phone screens with a push of a button. Some of us choose to upload them online for everyone to see while most of us keep them to ourselves to reminisce from time to time.

    However with this being the norm, it felt as though something was missing. While it is convenient and easy to view photos on the computer, it was just not the same as viewing them in an album. The feeling is just different. When looking upon the screens of our smartphone and computer, we are reminded of the fast paced information overload of today by social media, online messengers and work e-mails. When gazing upon a photo album we experience a peaceful silence. No lights, no sounds, no electricity. Just our thoughts, our past memories and who we choose to share them with.

    There is no greater source of nostalgia than stumbling upon an old photograph, album or yearbook and gazing at those dusty old yellowed grainy photos. The details are slightly foggy, but the meaning and the feelings from those times are still clear as day. Upon looking at images of the past some of us see better days, some of us see days that could have been better, photos of our families, friends, an ex, people that we have lost touch with and people that we have lost completely. Whatever the memories may be, we learn and grow from them. They have shaped us to our present self and we are reminded of that by these photos.

    The same kind of feelings can also be generated from Photobooks. They are great for photos of special events, holidays or just a fun outing. You can make an album and keep it in a display shelf or proudly display it on a coffee table. They are great conversation starters for your guests and provide great opportunities to reminisce and laugh about the past. Photobooks do not only contain your images, they your contain your special memories.

Then why Picreo? This is the question you will ask. Because we are able to provide you....


Our Signatures – a truly unique binding method for strength and panoramic pages
Flexible Design and Layout – our design or yours; classic, magazine or picture album layouts
Lots of Pages – up to 60 pages, or as little as 20 pages are possible
State-of-the-Art Digital Printing – photographic quality press printed pages
Custom Covers – leather or buckham hardcovers


We offer three types of custom hardcover photobooks: heirloom quality signature sewn, stunning Layflat, and hardcover with glued binding. Our unique signature sewn photobooks are hand crafted and customized to your exact specifications. We offer luxurious full grain leathers or photographic wrap bindings for the exterior of the book.

And inside we can put exquisite black or white paper end sheets. Finally, we offer exceptional accessories including foil or blind stamping on leather covers, book wraps and dust jackets.


Soft cover perfect bound books make great gifts or low cost albums. These beautiful and beautifully affordable books are great for parents, friends and attendants, or as always ready to show pocket books. With custom printed soft covers and smooth heavy weight pages these books are the perfect complement to a hard cover book.